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The original 16 Valve.

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Adjustable front tie bars.

With Special Tuning tie bars now as rare as hens teeth, Rob MacGregor has had some adjustable front tie bars made, contact Malc at the Triumph Dolomite Club or Rob at SprintSpeed for a set.

Ford Stub axles.

Rob showed me a couple of stub axles that he's had made. These allow the Triumph vertical link to use Ford hubs. Please contact the TDC or Rob at SprintSpeed for more details.

More suppliers of new camshafts.

If you have been waiting for a new rather than a re profiled cam, there are now a few options.

Jigsaw Racing can now supply L1 and STR91's at 275.00

Newman Cams can also supply new Cams. Check with Newman Cams for prices.

Piper Cams can supply a number of profiles again all from blanks.

Water Pump plugs

Water pump blanking plugs made to allow easy fitment of the Davis Craig Electric Water Pump. Contact the TDC for details.


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A collection of Sprint related photos.  

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