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Parts to keep you Sprint on the road or track.

Caters for all Dolomite variants, holds a good club stock of parts.

Ken races Sprint's and can prepare the real deal race Sprint's like Timothy Morely's ex Andy Rouse car (see pics on bodywork page).

Rob MacGregor's store where you can purchase competition developed products.

Road or race preparation, Mark and his team work on a large number of cars, and he does a good line in competition parts.

Hold a lot of Triumph bits, the home to TriumphTune - but now have an ever dwindling supply of Dolomite bits.

The dutch guys who race a couple of sprints. They develop their own race parts, give them a shout if you need race parts.

Goodwood and other circuit track days.

A great repository of Triumph articles and vehicle details.

Dolomite web site from the chap know as MaddMart. Lots of interesting bits n bobs.

The saga of Smifter's Sprint is set to continue, with a Vauxhall engine and all manner of goodies.

If you decide to let a professional loose on your engine, let it be someone who can actually build race winning engines. JTE has built race and championship winning engines for British, Spanish, Portuguese, French GT's, FIA GT's, LMES, Le Man's, Historic F1, Historic GT's, Goodwood Revival and the odd Dolly lump for a track day or two. It won't be cheap, and will be built in amongst current GT and Historic race winners.

My other site, has a diary of what I've been getting up to with my collection of dodgy old cars.





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